Please click on the event names that are in green for further details. If there is not a link available and you would like more information please contact the event coordinators using the details listed in the Contact Details column below.

Note: Seven annual Living Stream Ministry-sponsored international events in grey
*TBA = To Be Announced


July Semiannual Training
Anaheim, CA, USA
01-06 July Living Stream Ministry
+1 714 236-8456, [email protected]
Nordic Conference
Oslo, Norway
19-22 Jul [email protected]com
European Young People Conference
Małe Ciche, Poland
28 Jul –
03 Aug


FTTL Autumn Term Begins
FTTL Training Centre, Bower House, London, UK
19 Aug +44 1708 380 302
[email protected]
UK and Ireland Blending Conference
Nottingham, UK
24-25 Aug [email protected]
Conference in Buzias, Romania
Buzias, Romania
30 Aug-01 Sept [email protected]


Autumn Chinese-speaking Conference in Paris
Paris, France
20-22 Sept [email protected]
Open House
Bower House, London, UK
21 Sept [email protected]
Blending Conference in Bratislava
Bratislava, Slovakia
28-29 Sept [email protected]
UK Sisters’ Time
Bower House, London, UK
28 Sept [email protected]


International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones
Bangalore, India
03-05 Oct Living Stream Ministry
+1 714 236-8456, [email protected]
European Brothers’ Training
Baarlo, the Netherlands
15-17 Oct [email protected]
International Blending Conference
Baarlo, the Netherlands
18-20 Oct [email protected]


Balkan Regional Conference
Zagreb, Croatia
01-03 Nov [email protected]
One-week Trainings
Bower House, London, UK
04-09 Nov,
11-16 Nov,
18-23 Nov,
25-30 Nov
[email protected]
Autumn University Conference
Location TBA
22-24 Nov [email protected]
Thanksgiving Conference
Houston, TX, USA
28 Nov – 01 Dec Living Stream Ministry
+1 714 236-8456


Iberian Peninsula Conference
Torremolinos (Málaga), Spain
13-15 Dec [email protected]
FTTL Autumn Term Ends
FTTL Training Centre, Bower House, London, UK
15 Dec [email protected]
December Semiannual Training
Anaheim, CA, USA
23-28 Dec Living Stream Ministry
+1 714 236-8456, [email protected]