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Dear saints,

In our pursuit of the truth in the Spring and Summer of 2017 we are continuing to enter into the Crucial Points of the Truth in Paul’s Epistles (Elders’ Training, Book 6). Having completed Romans, 1 Corinthians and Ephesians, we will now press on with 2 Corinthians and Galatians. Regarding these crucial points, Witness Lee said:

“In conclusion, if we would all rise up to study these crucial points and to teach the saints to speak them, this would attract, gain, and keep people. We need a lot of labor to get ourselves constituted with all these things; then spontaneously we will be able to speak, teach, instruct, and train others in these crucial points of the truth. All of the saints in the churches will then speak the same thing in their homes, schools, offices, and everywhere. Everyone who hears these deeper truths will be surprised at the real riches of the Lord’s salvation. From now on we must be people on a higher level, speaking the higher truths. This kind of speaking will be very dynamic.” (Elders Training’, Book 6: The Crucial Points of the Truth in Pauls’ Epistles, p. 27)

In addition, we are burdened to pursue four further lines of ministry and will read one chapter per week from each line:

  1. Regarding our entrance into the God-ordained way for believers to meet and serve we will cover two related books on the matter of the groups. The first is The Practice of the Group Meetings comprised of messages given in 1990 and the second is The Training and the Practice of the Vital Groups comprised of messages given in 1993.
  2. We will also read through the Life-study of Ezekiel to strengthen our entrance into the crystallization-studies taking place in the Winter and Summer Trainings and to accompany our reading of the Holy Word for Morning Revival. We believe that continuing in this way we all would have a much higher appreciation of Ezekiel with increased constitution and light.
  3. Each week we will study one of the series of lessons called the A Pattern of the Healthy Words (The Healthy Teaching). These are 96 lessons which we will be using as the content of a regular time of fellowship on Saturday mornings at Bower House. These times are open for all to attend in person or by registering to join remotely via webcast (Click here for more information). We hope this will allow many people across the UK and Europe to participate in an ongoing truth pursuit with materials and video content.
  4. Finally, we will be reading through the Crystallization-study of the Gospel of John to faithfully remain in the High Peak of the Divine Revelation.

In total this constitutes one crucial point and four chapters of reading a week. We suggest setting aside a minimum of one hour per day. Five days of the week could be spent on that week’s content, and then an hour on the sixth day could be spent as a review. The main focus in our sharing together during the Wednesday coordination meetings will be the Crucial Points of the Truth. Each week we will review one crucial point in the way of sharing from our constitution and occasionally we will pause to review the previous crucial points for that book or previous books we have studied. In addition, it would be good if we could bring in the Life-study of Ezekiel, A Pattern of the Healthy Words (The Healthy Teaching), the Crystallization-study of the Gospel of John and the materials on the groups as a part of our exercise.

Regarding the mutuality of pursuit, we encourage all the saints to do some truth pursuit privately and some corporately. We could pray over certain verses or excerpts at the beginning of the prayer meetings. We could then devote a portion of a weekday meeting for overflow. Some churches may want to devote some time on the Lord’s Day to some ministry from these portions.

We hope that all the saints will develop the habit of truth pursuit, and we also hope that all the saints will become self-paced at some point. Furthermore, we want the truth pursuit to be enjoyable, not burdensome.

We hope that all the saints will follow the Suggested Reading Schedule week by week as well as the Holy Word for Morning Revival and the Daily Bible Reading Schedule according to the weekly fellowship which matches the schedule included in each HWMR book published by Living Stream Ministry. Some may be able to devote many more hours per day in the pursuit of the truth. We hope that this would be the experience of many of us.

May the Lord give us all the heart to be constituted in the truth for His move.

Much grace to you all,

Saints serving with Amana Trust


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