We would like to use this page to present and update all the saints with the current building projects for expanding the training centre and conference facilities in London in order to meet the ever-increasing needs in Europe.

The contents of this page are:

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The Current Construction Projects are:

The following projects are currently in the planning stages.

Bower House redevelopment Project

Bower House was purchased in 2005 and accommodates Amana Trust, Rhema Distribution, Bibles for Europe and the Full-time Training in London (FTTL), as well as the Church in London office. Bower House, supported by Woodland Camp, also provides the facilities for many of the events in the UK. We have found it very beneficial to use these properties as a gathering point for the many radio listeners, Bible recipients, saints and seekers in the UK and all over Europe through day seminars, weekend retreats, conferences and one week trainings. The attendees of these times not only receive an infusion of truth but also become connected with the other saints for their ongoing shepherding. However, the regular need has gone beyond the capacity of the current facilities.

Please navigate through the images to see and read more about the Bower House redevelopment project.



Bower Farm Site Adjacent to Bower House

The 7 acre Bower Farm site is adjacent to Bower House and has 750 square metres (8000 square feet) of farm buildings that, taking advantage of changes in planning legislation, have potential to be converted into residential dwellings (20 plus bedrooms). It would also provide two more entrances to the Bower property and a further buffer between the training centre and its neighbours.



Development of the nearby Woodland Camp

Woodland Camp a 17 acre site, was acquired in 2013. From Bower House, Woodland Camp is a short four-mile, ten-minute drive west through the countryside. The site currently consists of three cabins and a small facility for meeting and dining, including a kitchen. Due to the recreational zoning of this site, it has the most potential for development and particularly for short stay accommodation. Preliminary plans for development had a very favourable reception with the Head of the Planning Department at the local council, and we submitted a full application for development. – UPDATE – The plans for Woodland Camp were approved by vote by the regional council committee on 30 November 2016.



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Project Updates

We are happy to announce that on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 the regional planning committee voted in favour of approving the development of Woodland Camp which includes 46 cabins and a new two story meeting facility.

We are happy to inform the saints that on Thursday, 28 April we received planning permission approval for the redevelopment of Bower House.