Woodland Camp Update – 10 August 2019

There was steady progress on site these two weeks. 

The work has focused on the preparation of a second set of five new cabins (for a total of ten new cabins currently under construction). The brothers prepared by setting out the site for the screw piles, boring the holes, installing the screw piles, trenching for the sewage pipes, installing the steel ring beams, and curing the concrete on each screw pile.

After setting out the site the brothers continued to bore holes where the screw piles will be placed.

Using GPS location device, we are able to locate the centre hole and place a rebar. This will help the brothers to know where they should place the screw pile.

The screw piles were installed.

The brothers then trenched the cabins for the sewage pipe and services after all the screw piles were installed.

The trenches were backfilled. 

A ring beam was installed in all of the new cabins. 

The steel beams need to be drilled and fitted on top of the plate of the screw piles.

After the steel beams were installed, the brothers poured concrete into the screw pile holes.

The work continued on the first set of five new cabins.

The brothers continued with the installation of all the metal framing.

Plywood sheathing was installed on the exterior of the cabins.

Decking is beginning to be built.  

Tyvek membrane has been applied to the roofs of the cabins.

Scaffolding has been erected around the first five new cabins, which will allow us to continue the work steadily.