Woodland Camp Update – 12 February 2019

Last week, the focus of the work was the central plant.

The brothers installed a waterproof membrane, insulation, and plywood sheathing throughout the interior of the central plant.

They painted the electrical room and began framing for panels that will cover the gap in the floor that allows cables to come up from the basement.

They also poured a ballast over the main electrical conduits, which will prevent the conduits from shifting or breaking when the cables are pulled through.

The brothers on the site installed the low voltage conduit for the eastern cabins. They also began a survey of the trenches. This survey will help the brothers locate the pipes, conduits, and wires in the future.

In the prototype cabin, the brothers have framed the bathrooms, enlarged the door frames, and tidied up the carpentry joining the mezzanine framing to the walls.