Woodland Camp Update – 12 January 2019

There was a great week of dry weather at Woodland Camp, which allowed the brothers to accomplish quite a bit of work.

The brothers began installing the heating hot water loop, domestic water, and gas to the eastern cabins. This week, they laid 400 metres of pipe.

UKPN (United Kingdom Power Network) connected a new electrical service to the camp. They put up an H-frame, hung a transformer, and pulled wire into a distribution house at the north side of the camp.

The subroof was installed on the central plant. The subroof is composed of a first layer of plywood, insulating paper, and battens and a second layer of plywood.

The brothers also put up the third layer of waterproofing around the central plant retaining walls. This layer was a thick black plastic that was adhered with heat.

The prototype cabin also received a subroof and is ready for the roofing contractor to come install the steel roof.