Woodland Camp Update – 17 December 2018

Prior to July 2018 the major breakthroughs with the construction project at Woodland Camp were related to engineering projects, securing and clearing the site, and developing  a core construction team and systems necessary for the responsible care of the London building projects in the coming years. Since the video report released in July (click here for July video), the work at Woodland Camp has steadily progressed. The focus of the work currently has been (1) installing the underground utilities, (2) building the central plant, and (3) perfecting the prototype cabin.

The utilities installed to date include (1) fibre optic internet, (2) a mains sewer connection to public sewers, (3) a new 36,400L (9,600 gal) sewer tank and pumping station, (4) approximately 1,150m (3,800ft) of sewer pipes, (5) main electrical line and switchgear, and (6) main gas lines.  The main gas lines have been brought into the camp from a city connection on Manor Road, the southern boundary of the camp.

The foundation of the central plant has been poured. This work included pouring concrete piles, locating the complicated network of utilities within the space, laying down clay board and waterproofing membrane, and installing reinforcing bar. The central plant will house all Woodland Camp utility equipment and controls in order to supply heat and essential services to the entire site. When the central plant is completed, each new cabin will be connected to live utilities enabling the cabin to be immediately functional.

The prototype cabin, erected in July, has been a significant factor in perfecting the cabin design and layout. Future cabins will be enlarged by 60cm (2ft) to accommodate longer beds. The mezzanine will be shortened to allow more light to come into the main area and create a more open environment. On the exterior, the deck will be widened to allow for a pleasant sitting area where saints can fellowship. Once the prototype cabin is completed and as funds allow, new cabins will be built, connected to utilities, and ready for saints to use within a very short amount of time.

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