Woodland Camp Update – 19 January 2019

The work has progressed steadily at Woodland Camp this week.

The brothers built and erected the walls for the central plant.

On the site, the brothers completed and pressure tested the water piping to the eastern cabins.

Much work has been done on the landscape as well. Eleven trees (silver birches) from around the property were relocated to the main entrance area to become a part of the final landscape.

In addition, a group of trainees began to clear the brambles around the ponds in order to prepare the grounds for landscaping. Over 100 square metres of brambles were removed.

A screed was poured in the prototype cabin. A screed is a subfloor made from a mixture of concrete and sand that is packed into a form and smoothed over with a trowel. This screed will provide a level surface for the final flooring.