Woodland Camp Update – 24 February 2019

The work carried on at Woodland Camp this week.

The brothers working on the central plant installed a second layer of battens around the building. These battens are cut at an angle so that any rain that drips past the siding will slide off the battens into a void, keeping the building dry.

The brothers continued installing the steel grate catwalk, and a strip of precast concrete around the northern side of the building was installed.


The brothers working on the site installed the first of three electrical vaults. They dug a long trench and installed the domestic water, heating water, and gas piping for the central bank of cabins. They also branched these lines out to accommodate the future west bank of cabins. A main electrical line was laid for future use as well as for electrical conduits and low voltage wire and power for a pond pump.

The prototype cabin is being prepared to have drywall installed. The electrician brothers are working to connect all the switches and junction boxes and tidy all the wires so that they lie flat in the wall cavity.