Woodland Camp Update – 9 March 2019

The work this week focused on the central plant.

In the central plant the brothers installed EDPM (a waterproof membrane) in the air handler room. They applied two more coats of paint and began to caulk the whole central plant. They also began installing concrete board in the gas meter room.

On the mezzanine the brothers installed a safety railing. In the electrical room the brothers put up the communication box, main distribution panel, plant room distribution board, the earth bar and grounding system, the incomer disconnect, and cable tray.

On the site the brothers cleared two dead trees and brush and brambles between the ponds.

They also transplanted three trees to the camp entrance.

The brothers added a safety rail to several of the beds in the refurbished cabins.

They also built customized tables to fit the rooms, and built and varnished stools for the tables.

In the prototype cabin the brothers installed two shower trays and rockwool sound insulation in the dividing wall between the rooms. They installed flashing and finished preparing the roof for the steel to be installed.

The brothers also completed the waste piping and began insulating the mezzanine space. (Also pictured: the plasterboard installed last week.)