Our Future One-week Training and Weekend Retreat Facility

Cabin Placement Rendering

Woodland Camp, a 17-acre site, was acquired in 2013. From Bower House, Woodland Camp is a short four-mile, or ten-minute, drive west through the countryside. Due to the recreational zoning of the site, this property has the most potential for development, particularly for short stay accommodation.

The site currently consists of three cabins and a small facility for meeting and dining, including a kitchen. These were all refurbished in autumn of 2017.

We now have approval to build a larger meeting place and dining facility as well as 45 two-bedroom cabins around the site. This will give us the capacity to accommodate more than 200 Europeans per week for ongoing trainings and weekend retreats throughout the year.

Developing Woodland Camp in this way is the first priority of the building project, and our hope is to complete the majority of this work during the latter half of 2018 and early part of 2019.

Please navigate through the images to see more about the Woodland Camp development project. You can also visit www.woodlandcamp.co.uk.


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